A new culture of care gesture

Popularizing body care

Making it available to everyone, everywhere, all the time

Proposing new applications 

Building on the present

Our Technology offers possibilities that are different to what already exists today. 

Use it in new, positive, efficient and inclusive approaches to healthcare and wellbeing. 

Use it in the service of people. 


We propose a solution that combines the expertise of the practitioner with the reproducibility and accessibility afforded by our technology. 


We offer the means to work towards a better state of Health and wellbeing, that benefits from professionally-defined practices, that can be used as close as possible to where they live. 


Discover our first application


In your wellness center, in your health center or at your workplace, discover iYU®, your new wellness 2.0 experience

Capsix Robotics,  its massage robot, the price of this one…

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