The first hands-free AI massage bed

Let’s develop people’s wellbeing with IA massage.

Capsix Robotics is a French startup that invented iYU™, the first hands-free AI massage bed in the world!

We succeeded in combining Artificial Intelligence and Robotics to serve human’s wellness.

The wellness experience 2.0

Quality treatments accessible to everyone, everywhere, all the time.

The revolution in wellness and therapeutic massage treatments.

In your wellness center, your health center or your workplace, discover iYU® solutions, your new massage 2.0 experience.

According  to WHO (World Health Organization) around 80% of adults suffer from pack pain and 60% feel stressed, there is only one way to answer such a massive problem: technology! That’s why we’ve invented  iYU®, since scientific studies have shown that massage on a weekly basis can significantly improve people’s physical and mental wellbeing!

 iYU® offers a totally autonomous experience as it does not require any human assistance. AI massage adapts each massage in real-time to users’ morphologies can soothe everyone, everywhere, while offering intimacy, stable quality of care and availability 24/7. 

Why a massage robot table?

Technology offers different possibilities than humans.

At Capsix Robotics, we believe that it is possible to put it at the service of new uses of health and well-being, positive, effective, inclusive.

The iYU® massage robot is a tool for the democratization of massage care, to allow the greatest number of people to have access to it, in a quality care experience, with all the requirements that are ours.


How does it work?

  • The user books a session at his place of work, wellness center, gym, or health center, with an iYU® massage robot table,
  • At the beginning of the session, the user chooses the massage he or she wants or is advised to choose,
  • He also chooses his immersion: sound atmosphere, additional heat, additional light, etc.
  • The client lies down on the comfortable massage table with his or her back bare,
  • He starts his session with the remote control at his disposal,
  • He can increase or decrease the pressure applied at any time,
  • He can stop the session at any time.
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Why a robot for massage?

Svg Vector Icons :


Massage robot available 24/24, 7/7

Many time slots available

Duration of sessions can be customized for different uses


Automatic adaptation of the robotic massage to the morphology of each person

Choice of session (treatment protocol, sound, heat, light, pressure, etc.)

Personalization of the pressure of the robot massager by the user during the session


No inappropriate sexual behavior from the massage robot

Physical and visual distance maintained

A moment alone with yourself
robot masseur






Massages defined by physiotherapists

Improved relaxation for 87% of users

Improved fitness for 82% of users


A unique experience in the world, sensations increased

Patented technology for the renewal of wellness

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