massage en entreprise

iYU® Pro
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Provide a sustainable wellness solution for your employees

Corporate massage with iYU®

The solution that changes your relationship to work

Back strain, mental fatigue, organisational changes, post-Covid stress management, employee engagement etc


What if a single solution addressed all of these issues? Our solution : a corporate massage like you’ve never seen before.

iYU Pro,
la solution qui change le rapport
au travail

Tensions musculaires dorsales, fatigue mentale, changements organisationnels,

gestion du stress post-covid, engagement collaborateurs…
Et si une seule solution contribueait à répondre à l’ensemble de ces enjeux ?

What we offer


Allows you to integrate iYU® Pro into your Health and Safety Policy


Allows you to discover our solution

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You understand why massage avaibility and regularity are essential for the well-being of your teams.
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