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iYU® Pro consists of several components:
  • a KUKA robotic arm, safely adapted to human contact
  • a very comfortable massage table
  • a 3D camera above the table to “scan” the user’s morphology
  • interactive elements for the user (the home terminal, the remote control, the screen under the table)
  • intelligent software to adapt the programme defined by the physiotherapist to the user’s morphology
  • a positive intention of the professional in defining their programme
  • And a good dose of benevolence, just for you, from the Capsix team in the development of iYU® Pro!
  • Practical

To allow everyone to take a break at any time during their working day, or to allow clients to find a slot in wellness ou health center, whatever their schedule, rhythm or needs.


  • Recurrent

A robot means the possibility of regular use.

To enable everyone to use it regularly, according to their needs, for daily maintenance.

For the majority of our users, it’s once a week. For others, it may be once a fortnight, for some, it’s once a day!

Yes, that’s right!

The system scans your morphology and adapts the programme to you in a few seconds. So whatever your height, weight or body shape, iYU® will carry out the programme defined by the professional in a personalized manner!

With the objective of being a solution for regular maintenance, the relaxation protocols are short: 12-15 min on average. For one session, allow 20 minutes in total (installation, session, departure). 😊

The material of the sock is medical grade silicone, approved for skin contact.

Easily integrated into your working day, you no longer have any excuse not to take care of yourself regularly!

Yes, it can! You have a remote control at your disposal. With it, you can increase or decrease pressure, start the session, or stop the session at any time! You remain in control of the session at all times, with iYU® at your service!

The data we collect shows an immediate feeling of wellbeing after the session, both in terms of physical and mental tensions.

Our 5000-plus testers and users confirm this every day!

In addition, we are conducting scientific studies with laboratories to measure the long-term benefits.

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