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To soothe my muscular and mental tensions at work.

iYU Pro®  is always available and is completely adapted to my needs.

iYU Pro®  helps me to look after myself on a daily basis!

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My tailor-made solution
We are not like anyone else, we are unique. Our needs change from day to day and even at different times of the day. What if we could have a solution at any time of the day that remembered us perfectly?
Ease my muscular tension
Carrying heavy loads, repetitive movements, a sedentary lifestyle...the reasons for muscular tension linked to our professional activity are varied. The back is a sounding board for these tensions. Relaxing the back means acting more globally on all the muscular chains of the body.
Ease my mental tensions
Mental fatigue, stress and the feeling of being "overwhelmed" is a reality for many of us. These tensions accumulate and affect us on a daily basis. What if we could benefit from a simple way to ease these tensions and let go in our daily lives?
To have time for myself, to recharge my batteries
Faced with a fast-paced life, numerous social interactions and diverse obligations, we sometimes lose our sense of calm. Taking a moment for oneself means stopping to refocus, leaving us with renewed energy.
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