Innovative Wellness Experience for the World Wellness Weekend!

World Wellness Weekend: the perfect opportunity to test innovative wellness experiences!

From September 15-16-17, 2023, Capsix Robotics is teaming up with Aubergistes Lyonnais and Euro Spa Centre Santé for the World Wellness Weekend.

What’s on offer? What is the World Wellness Weekend? How can you take part? We tell you all and more! How Innovation, Tradition and Relaxation can come together in harmony in exceptional locations!

From September 15 to 17, at Lyon or Montreal, enjoy 100% well-being experiences!

Choose wonderful zen experiences on September 15-16-17 at heart of Vieux Lyon, at the amazing Hôtel Le Phénix 4* – Aubergistes Lyonnais, for the World Wellness Weekend.

From traditional to innovative experiences, try relaxation workshops with passion! Dare, test and experiment!

Program here (final schedules to come – all workshops and sessions are offered by Capsix on the occasion of the World Wellness Weekend):

  • Dynamic Yoga – Jardin d’hiver: experience a yoga session in a magical setting to get your day off to a great start! Fluid movements combining sheathing, deep stretching and rhythmic breathing. With Eva, certified yoga teacher. Book this workshop
  • Soft Yoga – Jardin d’hiver: prepare for a soft night’s sleep under the sign of Morphea! An invitation to relax and let go, with slow movements and deep breathing. With Eva, certified yoga teacher. Book this workshop
  • Ergonomics and Work posture – Salon Damin: discover ‘tips and tricks” to efficiency and well-being in the office for a productive, pain-free working day. Benefit from the knowledge and advice of Stéphane, a qualified masseur-physiotherapist. Book this workshop
  • Body Mobility Workshop – Salon Damin: discover a daily well-being routine to activate your joints and achieve complete relaxation. Floor movements, rhythmic sequences, joint strengthening and guided meditation: a complete workshop! With Luciana, sports science researcher. Book this workshop
  • Self-massage workshops – Comptoir Phénix: pamper your body by learning simple, easy, everyday methods for self-massage. Learn and experiment with specific exercises to relieve tension points! And benefit from the guidance and advice of Yann, sports physiology PhD and self-massage specialist. Book this workshop
  • Massage session – iYU® Room: treat yourself to an innovative 1-hour relaxation experience, including 40 minutes of iYU® massage. An unrivalled session of letting go: different from a human massage. 95% of users love it (even the most skeptical!), 80% return and 90% of users say they fell asleep! Book a massage session with iYU

If you’re in Quebec, now’s your chance to try iYU® at Euro Spa Centre Santé in Saint Ignace de Stanbridge (1h from Montreal). The program includes innovative relaxation sessions with iYU® at an exceptional World Wellness Weekend rate. But also access to the Spa, the various treatments on offer, the in-house buffet, and the warm smiles of the team! …And benefit from the launch of an exclusive offer!

Between tradition and innovation, the Phénix Hôtel 4*, a place to discover at Lyon
Hôtel le Phenix 4*: a place focused on people, between tradition and innovation

Who are the professionals behind the workshops in Lyon?

All the professionals involved in the program in Lyon are members of the Capsix Robotics team. They are all qualified experts in their field!

Because Capsix is first and foremost a team of people who are passionate about wellbeing, convinced that we can ease the world’s tensions with a technological solution.

But why a technological solution? Because to enable EVERYONE to benefit from regular care (1 or 2 times a week), human presence alone is not enough. So to maintain physical, mental and emotional well-being on a daily basis, in addition to what already exists, the Capsix team has created iYU®, to deliver AI Massage.

Want to book your innovative relaxation experience? Nothing could be simpler!

To book one or more workshops, nothing could be simpler:

choose the workshop you want, click on the corresponding “Book this workshop” link, choose the day of your workshop, and the time if several times are proposed. Click on “Next”, enter your name, e-mail address and telephone number, validate and that’s it! You’ll then receive a confirmation e-mail.
Make sure you fill in your details correctly to guarantee you a place in the workshop of your choice!

Would you like to come with friends? Then fill in the form for each person attending!

Need to cancel? In the e-mail you receive, you can click to cancel your participation and free up your place.
As the workshops are limited in number, and offered by Capsix and Les Aubergistes Lyonnais, cancelling your participation if you can’t make it means a place is given back to someone else! … or relaxation offered to someone else! :-))) Great gift!

The World Wellness Weekend ??? What is it?

The World Wellness Weekend is THE INTERNATIONAL celebration of well-being in all its diversity, all over the world!

  • 150 countries
  • 8,000 participating establishments
  • supported by over 60 professional associations and federations
  • objective aligned with the United Nations: Health and well-being for all!

Yoga classes, fitness sessions, guided relaxation, meditation, webinars, hot springs, tree plantations, dance… Take a look at the cities that interest you and ask for the program!

iYU®, the innovative wellness for everyday wellbeing!

iYU® is an innovative wellness solution designed to help everyone relieve physical, mental and emotional tensions on a daily basis: the AI massage allows very regular, autonomous use.

It’s a multi-sensory wellness experience that lets you relax in the places where you live every day (workplace, fitness center, hotel, spa). An innovative, full personalized experience that not only adapts to your body, but also to your current mood: choice of massage protocol, sound ambiance, table temperature, etc.

A wonderfull wellness experience, surprising everyone by its effectiveness and the pleasure it brings! Whether you are innovation friendly or not, the gentleness of the experience and the effectiveness of relaxation are reported by 95% of those who try it!

While it has many advantages (endurance, consistency, precision and availability), iYU® massage is designed to complement human care. Halfway between traditional massage and self-massage, it’s a new way for everyone to take care of themselves on a daily basis.

The effectivness and the gentleness of AI massage
iYU, the innovative wellness experience for regular use