iYU robot masseur

A relaxing care experience

The combination of a physiotherapist and new technologies, to relieve muscular and mental tension at work!

How does it work?


Booking the session on the iYU Pro® web interface


Beginning of the session:

Personalization by the user (choice of programme, sound ambiance, heat etc)


Installation on the table:

Automatic adaptation of the programme to the user’s morphology


During the massage:

Pressure management by the user, via a remote control


End of the session:

User support to restore the room to its original state

Why choose a robotic care solution?

  • Short sessions of 10-15 min for recurrent use

  • Robot available 24 hours a day within the company

  • Numerous slots

  • An experience adapted to all user profiles
  • A customizable session (relaxation programme, music, pressure etc)
  • Automatically adapted to any morphology
  • Plug and play
  • Standalone
  • Safe
schema solution IYU massage robotisée
  • More than 87% of users reported improved relaxation
  • Recommended use of once a week for optimal maintenance!
  • 99% positive feedback

Patented technology, unique in the world, designed and developed for the wellbeing of each and every user.

  • Adapts to individual body shape 
  • Choice of music by the user 
  • Choice of pressure by the user throughout the session